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Resource Development Associates is a group of independent consultants, college faculty and human service professionals. RDA was formed in 1982 to provide high quality consulting services to health care, non-profit and government agencies and small businesses. Members of the association are brought into projects as needed to provide diversity or special skills. This allows clients to receive exceptionally high quality services with the greatest possible match of skills to need.

RDA was originally formed in Massachusetts. In 1996 RDA began providing services in Germany and opened an office there in 1998. While the European office was closed in 2004, services are still available world wide as are the products RDA creates and sells. We can be reached at or by using the form on the Contact page.

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Denn Santoro

Mr. Santoro is the Owner and President of Resource Development Associates. He has long experience in management consulting, data analysis and database and system design and development. He has been creating web sites for a over a decade. For 10 years he was a faculty member in the Graduate School of Management at Lesley University where he was instrumental in creating one of the first technology management curricula in the country. He has consulted with organizations all over the world including large HMOs, hospitality organizations, State governments, the United Nations and many small local businesses. He is also co-owner of High Road Marketing and Communications. He is also a working photographer.


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