Resource Development Associates

Resource Development Associates offers services world wide

We also provide various management and staff development services, program development, research services and more. Some of these projects have included:

Analytic systems, program evaluation and statistical analysis, especially based on the databases we design, are some of our strengths.

Systems Development

In all our systems development we focus on usability and functionality for the user. We believe that your systems should be useful tools and not the focus of your business. They should work like your telephone: they should do what you want when you need them without you having to be concerned about the details of how they work. We learn how your organization works and how you do business and then design custom systems to model that. We design the systems to how your organization operates rather than changing your organization to how the system operates as many software developers do.

Data Management and Analysis

Development of data management and analysis systems, including data driven web sites is one of our specialties. We can help you manage your internal data, track meaningful statistics from your web traffic and analyze what it all means. Knowing what is meaningful and how to use that informations strategically can help you grow your business effectively.

Some of the projects which we have worked on include:

  • developed systems to manage interdivisional referrals, to track fertility and endocrinology services, to manage outside utilization contracts, to track problems with new contractual relationships and to manage clinical services at a major HMO.
  • developed a database to manage patient tracking, staff payroll and medical billing for a network of mental health facilities in Pennsylvania.
  • helped the staff at a suicide prevention center and an Association for Retarded Citizens to create donor management systems.
  • developed an information and referral systems for a local United Way.
  • developed a staff assesment testing system for a provider of hospitality industry employees.
  • developed data management systems for companies in the real estate financing industry.

Training and Development

We can help you identify areas for organization improvement from customer service to strategic management. With our long experience in corporate training and customer service development and management consulting we can bring a fresh perspective to your organization and help you improve the way it works.

Having an outside perspective that can learn about your organization and help you identify problems can be a strategic asset. We look at the problems we help identify and then look at how you can capitalize on the opportunities they present.

We have teaching and training backgrounds ranging from developing and teaching graduate school curricula to corporate training and development. Ask us how we can help you.


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